Actually Doing Business Online

The Doing Business phase is one of the most important but surprisingly quite often misunderstood or even ignored. But this is the objective of our online presence. The reward for all of our online marketing efforts.

There is a huge difference between having a website and actually doing business online. Pretty much every small business owner has at least some sort of online presence. Whether it be through a free blog or social media site. But many of them will set the site up then expect prospects and conversions to just magically fall in their lap easy peasy.

Sadly for them, the same effort required for doing business offline is also required for doing business online. Prospects and customers in both places are equal in one aspect. They are people. The Components Required.

Building Your List

The large majority of your website visitors are not going to convert on their first visit. In order to get additional opportunities you need some way to make the introduction without requiring them to complete the entire decision making process in one visit.


Oddly enough this is where most of our competition will drop the ball. There is a flawed expectation when it comes to Internet leads. Somehow unlike regular phone or walk-in leads Internet people should just magically be ready to buy, from them, today. This is not true at all, but this is a huge advantage to us!


This is our ultimate objective. This is our sale or a generated lead. If we don’t get it on the first try, hopefully we have the hook where we can lead them back into our consult and nurture phase and on into the conversion.

Customer Retention

An integral part of our online marketing strategy. Once you’ve done all the work to get them, do everything you can to keep them.

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