Actually Doing Business Online

The Doing Business phase is one of the most important but surprisingly, quite often misunderstood or even ignored. But this is the objective of our online presence. The reward for all of our online marketing efforts.

Up to this point we’ve really got quite a bit done with our website. We built the site. We have our content, our design. We’ve determined who our target audience is and how were going to find them and bring them to our website

But one of the most difficult facts to swallow in Internet Marketing is that most of the people who come to our website for the first time are not ready to transact yet.

An average conversion rate of people who come to our website for the first time is going to be about 1% to 4%. 4% is really good as a starting point. Well…that sounds good. But what that really means is that 96% of the people who come to our website are not ready to buy yet.

Our visitors are in the research mode reading and gathering information so they can make a wise decision. And since we want to be the ones standing there when they do pull the trigger, we need to also be the ones to help them along that path, nurturing them.

Nurturing them?

You mean we have to stay in contact with them and build a relationship with them?


And the great news is that the majority of your competitors can’t be bothered to do this step. You see, the relationship building part really annoys them. Most just want the one-and-done. “Give me the 1 – 4% buyers and never mind the rest! It’s too much effort in order to build a relationship with our visitors.”

The first step is to find out who they are. And since they aren’t ready to buy anything yet, how are we going to do that?

The first thing we need to do in the Doing Business phase is a Hook, or some type of Lead Capture. We need to offer them something of great value, for free, in exchange for their contact information.

This freebie needs to be genuinely free. It’s going to be tempting to make it a coupon, or a “buy one-get one” or a sign-up for a free consultation. But no, it needs to be completely string-free and perceived by these people who are researching our product and service as highly valuable and helpful in their research process. Remember, they’re not ready to buy yet. So by giving them something that is tied to a purchase kind of defeats the purpose.

Now, once we’ve made that exchange and we know who they are and have them in our list, we are going to engage them.

The next component in the Doing Business phase is actually contacting them on a regular basis were going to help guide them through the process, nurturing them, providing them valuable tips and insights that will help them make their decision and when they’re ready to transact.

We want to be the ones that they see standing with the authority. We are the ones who helped them. We are the ones who were still there when they were ready. We’ll be the ones that they choose to do business with when it comes time.

We don’t want to be sending them marketing blab – constant marketing blab. We want to help them. We want to guide them, nurture them and consult them into a decision.


And then every once in a while, were going to ask for the sale.

So the next component, you guessed it, Conversion.

Yes! This is what we’ve been waiting for. Our pipeline has been built. The funnel is in place and out the other side – a conversion. Our goal! A sale! Great!

Which leads us to the final component in Doing Business, Customer Retention.

We want to continue to engage and nurture them and build the relationship. As they say, “it’s always easier to keep a customer than it is to find a new one”. So we need to support the customer ongoing.

Below are the components necessary in the Actually Doing Business phase. Do you have them all in place?

Below are the components necessary in the Actually Doing Business phase. Do you have them all in place?

The large majority of your website visitors are not going to convert on their first visit. In order to get additional opportunities you need some way to make the introduction without requiring them to complete the entire decision making process in one visit.

Oddly enough this is where most of our competition will drop the ball. There is a flawed expectation when it comes to Internet leads. Somehow unlike regular phone or walk-in leads Internet people should just magically be ready to buy, from them, today. This is not true at all, but this is a huge advantage to us!

This is our ultimate objective. This is our sale or a generated lead. If we don’t get it on the first try, hopefully we have the hook where we can lead them back into our consult and nurture phase and on into the conversion.

An integral part of our online marketing strategy. Once you’ve done all the work to get them, do everything you can to keep them.

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