Always be Building and Maintaining Your Email List

Always be Building Your List

If you ask any winning Internet marketer what their secret to success is, they will usually answer, “The money is in the list”. What they’re referring to is an email list of those who have opted in to receive regular emails from them.

It might seem like a no-brainer to website owners who have been around a while, but there are still plenty who don’t have any means of capturing the email addresses of their targeted website visitors. Those site owners are missing a huge opportunity to add this very affordable marketing channel without much effort at all.

Always Maintain A Warm List

You may have heard the terms “warm list” and “cold list”. A cold list refers to a list where the owner has not emailed the subscribers for a long time. Those recipients probably won’t remember signing up to the list and most likely won’t engage with any email you send them. A warm list, on the other hand, is a list where the subscribers have been regularly contacted by the owner. They have stayed in contact with them and have provided them with a good reason to remain a subscriber to that list.

It’s very crucial to maintain a warm list so that your emails will get better engagement and potentially increase your conversion rate. A conversion rate refers to the number of subscribers out of the entire list who follow through and buy from you. You absolutely must keep tabs on that number for each of your mailings.

Establish Trust and Rapport

To maintain a warm list, it is important to establish trust and a rapport with your members. Allow them to get to know you, be accommodating and send out helpful information while keeping your sales pitches to a minimum. Just sprinkle in your sales emails and consider long-term returns from your email list instead of settling with quick profits which might damage your reputation and hinder your future success. We have all seen those Internet marketers who send product offers to their list non-stop in hopes that they will some day hit an instant jackpot.

Monitor Your ROI

Keeping track of your conversion rate will tell you the cost per acquisition and ultimately how profitable every subscriber is to your business. This is one of the major reasons why creating a mailing list is necessary. When you are able to determine your conversion rate, you can estimate accurately the amount of money you can earn every time you send your subscribers an email.

You can build your list in so many different ways, but you should always be testing and gauging which techniques attract the majority of your opt-ins. Remember that your subscribers can un-subscribe from your list just as easily as they subscribed to it so once you have your winners be sure to monitor and maintain your list so that you will benefit from it for many years to come.

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