Another Google Update? Stay on Your Course! Not Theirs!

Stay on Course

Google has made yet another major change to the way they rank and even penalize websites. Website owners everywhere are freaking out! But that’s pretty common every time this happens.

A Quick Look at Why

Google, the current leader in the search engine game, is used by a huge number of people every day. If you show up near the top of the search results it can translate into a good flow of traffic. That good flow of traffic has the potential of resulting in a nice chunk of money.

With that kind of reward it seems pretty obvious that there are going to be some who try to manipulate the search results however possible. Google has labeled that practice “webspam”.

Most of those spammer’s sites are built around ranking and making a quick buck, not on providing valuable information. When they do appear in the search results it reflects poorly on Google.
The Dance (or whatever they’re calling it now-a-days)

Google is in a constant state of change. They are continuously trying to build a secret ranking engine, or algorithm. At the same time they are constantly making corrections to remove or penalize those who try to manipulate the code.

When they make huge adjustments like the recent Penguin or last year’s Panda updates, it can really shake up the search results. Websites highly ranked can drop significantly. Especially if they are flagged for being one of those spammers. It can also have the opposite effect. Previously non-ranked websites can jump to the first page.

Cover All of Your Bases

As a website owner, how do you go about protecting yourself from those surprise changes in ranking and ultimately your cash flow?

Don’t attach your success to Google’s organic search results! Better yet, NEVER tie the success of your business to anything you can’t reasonably control.

Nobody knows what or even when Google is going to change next. I’m convinced they don’t even know what’s going on most of the time.

I would definitely not dismiss search engine optimization from your tool bag. It can be a huge source of traffic and leads. But you should be diversified heavily.

Find Other Traffic Sources

Look around online. There are many opportunities for you to promote your business like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, Bing, Yahoo and many more. You should be continuously seeking out new opportunities. Then take advantage of anything that provides a positive ROI.

If you attach your business plan to somebody else’s, even if it’s Google, you’re asking for trouble every time they decide to make a shift. Stay on Your Course! Not Theirs!

You know your customer best. Continue fulfilling those needs, engaging them and providing valuable information, products and services. Focus on the things you can control

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