Back Up!

Backing Up

We’ve all been there before. Click the mouse…nothing. Tap a key…nothing. Click the mouse harder…wiggle…still nothing. Bang on the keyboard…what in the HECK!?!?

Just a blinking cursor on a black screen. The computer has crashed!

After some calls to some enthusiastically alarmist geeks telling you how freaking screwed you are, your head hits the desk. Everything you’ve lost starts flowing by in smoke like a movie panning across a war-zone.

OK! Snap out of it!

It was just a nightmare. But it’s not too late. If you don’t have a backup system in place for all of your data you absolutely must do it today.

We recommend first using an external network drive and moving all of your data files there. This includes everything…docs, email, images and videos. Having everything in a single location on your network also offers the convenience of being able to access them from more than just one computer, in the case of a crash.

Once everything is safely tucked away on a network drive, it’s now time to get those files off the premises. This will protect your data in case of fire, theft or other type of destruction.

The two tools we use to accomplish this are Buffalo’s Link Station for an external stacked raid drive and IDrive for a ton of secure Internet based backup storage.

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