Be Envied by Your Competitors: How to Create an Attractive Website

Build an Attractive Website

If you are starting a new website, you may feel like you have more pressing concerns that the layout of your page. However, the truth is that the way you set up your website has a huge impact on how many visitors you get and how many of those individuals eventually return to your page. Website design can be somewhat complicated; there are several different things that you must understand in order to create a functional, attractive layout. This article can help you get started.

Make Navigation a Priority

Navigation is the way that visitors are able to get from one place to another on your site. If your layout is clunky and people aren’t able to figure out how to seamlessly move among your information, they are going to give up and move on. Most Internet users are doing more than one thing at a time; they are not going to invest time and effort into figuring out your page. Make it easy on them. Have anchor links and a table of contents that make the design of your site clear.

Think About how You want Your Site to Appear Visually

This means that you must consider the colors that you are going to use. Believe it or not, colors can affect your visitors in a variety of ways. Red makes people feel energetic, while blue is a more cautious color. A lot of research has been devoted to this topic, so it is important that you look into it and use the information to your advantage. Think first about your target audience; are they from a different country than your own? If so, make sure you read up on what colors mean in a particular area. For example, in Germany, red correlates to bad luck. If a lot of your visitors live in that area, you want to avoid using it on your site.

Double-Check any Text that You Post

You want it to be nearly perfect if at all possible. If you make even a simple error, such as using the word “you” instead of “your,” it can affect your credibility in a negative way. Readers do not have a lot of tolerance for mistakes. In order to improve your reputation and make sure that people continue to return to your site to see your content, it has to be interesting, relevant and error-free. In addition, while you don’t want your pages to be too image intensive, you do want them to feature text that is arranged in a visually appealing way. Experiment with headings and try bolding or italicizing words in order to make them stand out.

By taking the advice provided in this article and applying it to your website, you will set yourself up for success. Not only will your site look great, but you will receive a higher search engine ranking as well. Learning the keys to website design is a crucial part of enabling you to draw more people to your page and further promote yourself and your product.

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