Benefits of a Content Planning and Publishing Calendar

Content Calendar

If you are a website owner, blogger or are going to be doing any type of writing on the Internet, it’s important that you start looking at yourself as a publisher and not just a writer. Being in the publishing business means that you, just like any other media outlet, will need to start planning your content strategically in advance. This is done by using a content planning calendar, also called an editorial or publishing calendar.

Your calendar should be prepared with the upcoming goals of your business in mind. These goals can be based on product launches, services and even seasonal events and other promotions. Publishing your content around your business goals means that each piece is planned in advance and has an intentional purpose behind it.
If a product launch is coming up soon, then your calendar will tell you the topic and type of content that you will need based on the goals of that product. If a seasonal promotion is around the corner, then your editorial calendar will tell you what kind of content needs to be created and the exact date it needs be published.

Content Diversity

There are many different types of content – video, audio, slide shows, articles etc. It’s important to publish content in all of these different formats. But, while pursuing diversity, it is also important to stay focused on the overall goals of your business by sticking to the scheduling of your calendar. No matter what type of content you create, it all needs to be intentional and goal oriented.

Planning the topic and type of content you will need in advance gives you plenty of time to perform the proper research. That research will be reflected in the quality of your content and won’t sound off-the-cuff and off topic.

Continuous Flow of Ideas

One of the hardest things for any content publisher is having a regular flow of ideas to write about. By planning your content in advance, you will always have a ready supply of ideas and the reasons behind them. And those reasons are focused on accomplishing the goals of your business. No more trying to come up with pointless ideas on the fly!

Stay On Course

Imagine sitting in a meeting without an agenda or topic. You would end up going down one rabbit trail after another, never really accomplishing anything worthwhile. A content calendar will act as a map keeping you on topic and on purpose so you can reach your business goals for the year step by step.

Stay Consistent

Consistency is very important when it comes to both online marketing and being found in the search engines. By setting and meeting deadlines for yourself in your calendar you will become predictable. Over time your audience will grow to expect your content on time.

The more content that you publish consistently the more opportunities there will be for it to be shared and promoted through other channels such as social media, backlinks and bookmarks. And that will help to increase the traffic to your website.

Working with Others

Working with guest bloggers and other team members who submit content to your site can also benefit from your publishing calendar. You can provide them with the topics and types of content you are looking for so their submissions are on topic and focused on the same business goals.

Keeping a content planning calendar will go a long way in keeping you organized and on track. That consistent flow of content focused on your long term business goals will build your website traffic and ultimately the bottom line.

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