Building Backlinks the Better Way

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One of the most common ways to build your website’s popularity is to get backlinks from other popular websites. Unfortunately many website owners have tried to take shortcuts to manipulate their ranking and Google, just recently, has taken aggressive steps against them.

These are some ways to build backlinks to your site without getting into trouble.

Add Valuable Content to Your Site that Your Visitors will Share

Before you start doing any type of search engine optimization or backlinking, you will need to have valuable optimized content on your site. Otherwise your efforts will be a waste of time.

Relying on backlinks from your website visitors seems like it is putting the cart before the horse. How do you get visitors to your site to backlink your content, if you don’t have any backlinks to get visitors to your site?

Unfortunately, that is one of the idealistic flaws in Google’s backlinking theory, but one that can be overcome by first building backlinks that you do control.

Add Your Business to Google My Business

If you don’t already, be sure to register a free account at Google. Once you have an account you can take advantage of many of their free services, including Google Places. Setting up your business profile will allow you to display your location and contact details as well as links to your website.

Guest Posting and Article Marketing

One of the many challenges of a website owner is coming up with regular content. You can fill their need by creating a valuable information filled article then offering it to them to post for free in exchange for a backlink to your site. Make sure their website is of the same quality and holds the same values as you. You don’t need any links from websites with questionable ethics, or “bad neighborhoods” as the search engines call them.

Social Networking Sites

Be sure to set up your complete profile on as many social networking platforms as possible. The majority of them are absolutely free and indexed by the search engines regularly. In addition to your account profile you can also post status updates that contain links to your images, videos and other content. By being a bit social, you can add a lot of links as well as start building vital relationships.

Social networking also includes posting informative videos to YouTube. Not only can you add a link to your site in the description of the video, but you can also embed the video directly into your page helping to make it sticky and reduce your bounce-rate.

There are many more techniques that you can use to build backlinks. But these are some to get you started. Rule of thumb is to add valuable content, post links on Google My Business, partner blogs and social sites to start getting traffic. If your content is valuable, your initial visitors will help build out your backlinks organically.

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