eBay Store Traffic Reports and Statistics Update

eBay Traffic Reports

There has been a change to the eBay Store traffic reporting tool. As promised by eBay, they have begun the process of migrating the traffic stats away from Omniture and into their own creation.

In the mean time though, store owners are stuck with a temporary tool that really tells them nothing – no trending, no ranges, no comparisons, basically no nada.


And this has me a little concerned. If this temporary statistics tool resembles anything that eBay is creating, their reporting tool will be useless and store marketers will be left blinded.

Analytics are vital to store owners who actively market and measure ROI in their businesses – both online and off. Granted many don’t bother and don’t care. But for those who do, this is yet another reason to use eBay as nothing more than a marketing tool to promote your true core independent business presence – A website where you have control over EVERYthing important to your business.

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