Establishing Credibility for Your Online Business

Establishing Credibility

It’s very difficult for a business owner to establish credibility online. People are extremely cautious of being ripped off. It has become necessary in your Internet marketing efforts to first earn your prospect’s trust prior to asking for their business. Here are some ideas you can implement that will help that process.

Provide Excellent Service to Your Existing Customers

Having remarkable customer support will give you a huge advantage over your competitors. An existing customer base is usually willing to voice their opinion on the service they received. So it’s important that you make it over-the-top good. Always make your presence known, letting them know that you are accessible and responsive to their needs. Respond quickly and resolve their issues pleasantly and efficiently. The saying, “the customer is always right” is not always true, but you should still be respectful in how you deal with them in every situation.

Give Your Customers a Place to Tell their Story

Build an active online community on several different social networks or forums to stay connected with your customers. Give them a place to tell about your customer service. Arrange contests for writing reviews of your products or services. Give away prizes such as t-shirts that are printed with your site’s URL helping to further promote your brand.

Add Customer Testimonials to Your Website

Whenever someone buys from you, send out a thank you message and encourage them to keep in touch. Ask them to send photos, videos or comments telling about their experience and what they thought of your company, then add them to your website.

Add Videos to Your Website

A friendly face can go a long way in adding to your credibility. A video will add a friendly voice to that face as you record yourself discussing your business and your products. Demonstrate how products are used then post the videos on YouTube for everyone to share across the many social networks. When creating your YouTube account be sure to include your logo and a link to your website.

Creating an effective marketing campaign by establishing a good reputation can be the difference between standing above the crowd or complete failure.

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