Five Common Mistakes When it Comes to Building a Website

Five Common Web Design Mistakes

Building a quality website can be difficult, particularly if you don’t have any background when it comes to web design. But, no matter what type of website you are planning to launch, make sure you avoid some of these common mistakes.

Over Complicating The Web Design

Do not pursue a design that is so complex that nobody can figure it out. Most of the time, it will be much easier for the visitors to navigate your site if it has a simpler design. A great way of organizing your website is to create multiple pages for the content and put various elements inside surrounding boxes. Your page should consist of the main section for your content; a menu placed on the side or at the top of the page; your copyright and other legal disclaimers in the footer area of your page; and other boxes that will contain banners, links to social networks, a subscription form and other items you want to highlight.

Launching Before Testing

Your design may not show properly across all browsers and devices. But if you don’t test it you will never know. Be sure to preview your site using the currently popular and most commonly used Internet browsers, tablets and mobile devices. You can create a site that is compatible with various devices and browsers by having a simple design and writing the codes clearly.

Ignoring Search Engine Optimization

While it’s most important to write your content for your target audience, keep in mind that it will also need to be search engine friendly. Since search engine crawlers can’t read pictures, don’t use an image for your header or other important headlines and text. Instead use regular text that is styled with size and foreground and background colors. Use your strong keywords in your site’s titles and headers. Use a simple-design menu using HTML and CSS not javascript because you simply can’t rely on search engine crawlers being able to read a javascript script menu. They may not be able to consistently follow the links to the different pages within your site.

Spending too Much Money on Design

Never spend too much money on professional web design services or costly web building tools that are more than you really need. If you’re just getting started and must do some cost-cutting measures, you can build a website or blog on one of many web builder platforms, such as Wix, Weebly or You can personalize your look and feel on those sites by using their WYSIWYG editors to adjust your color schemes and re-arranging certain elements on your web pages. You can always upgrade to a more sophisticated website once you experience some success with your Internet business.

Using Flashy and Uncoordinated Colors

Some people think that the more colorful the website is, the more attractive it becomes. This is certainly not true. You just need to have color coordination in your site as well as a certain brand appearance that can be easily remembered by your visitors. Your site’s design should also match the color and patterns you are using in your social network profiles and in your newsletter. People can immediately recognize your business because of your logo and consistent design. Think carefully about the colors you will use and your logo before getting started. Use them consistently and your customers will not forget them.

Be careful to avoid these common mistakes in web design and be sure to research further about some creative ways of designing your site before you get started.

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