Get Started Marketing Your Business Online

When it comes to building websites for small and medium-sized businesses, some people are just looking to slap something together quickly, easily and cheaply.

They may set something up through a free blog site, or even a social media business page like Facebook. Others will go to Wix and assemble something there. And some will even get a domain name and a hosting account and then try to figure out WordPress. But, these days, pretty much every small business has at least some form of online presence.

But nothing ever happens. Their pages and websites just sit there. Why?

Why is it that some people can build websites and in no time, they’re buried in traffic and leads and sales and new business? And others, better-looking websites even, just sit there and accomplish absolutely nothing.

Just about every small business owner faces these mysteries and daunting steps of marketing their business online at one point or another. And if you’ve spent any time exploring the world of online marketing, you know that there is a lot to figure out. Obviously, there is a huge difference between just having a website and actually doing business online.

But unfortunately, the challenge can be so overwhelming that it can cause many to ultimately give up, defeated.

Do you have all of these categories and components in place?

Getting Online

Choosing the right domain name is a very important step. This will become the address of your website as well as your branded email.

There are many types of web hosting options. Knowing your specific needs will help guide you to the right decision.

Your content management system and website design come together to present your content in an easy to understand way.

Without content you can’t have a successful web presence. There are three types of content that are required.

Getting Noticed

Knowing who your target audience is and what they are searching for is key to building a successful campaign.

Your web pages need to be built in a way that falls into line with the expectations and requirements of the search engines.

Many optimization tasks occur outside of your website, including social media, content syndication, citations and building backlinks.

Where your visitors are coming from and what they do on your site is important information in tweaking and optimizing your website.

Doing Business

The majority of your visitors will not be ready to buy today. Building a list lets you nurture them from researcher to buyer.

Nurturing those prospects and customers should never be ignored. But so many cannot bother themselves with doing this vital step.

This is ultimately what all the work is about. It’s our primary objective. After all, without a completed sale there would be no business.

You made the sale and have acquired a new customer. But now that you’ve done all the work to get them, you need to keep them.