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Getting Your Business OnlineJust about every small business owner faces the daunting steps of marketing their business online. And if you’ve spent any time exploring the world of online website marketing strategies, you know that there is a lot to figure out.

Unfortunately, that challenge can be so overwhelming that it can cause many to deny the urgency and in some cases even avoid the topic completely.

Some don’t know where to begin. Others will give it a try but will end up experiencing miserable results. In the end, most will ultimately give up, defeated.

Just about anyone can slap a website together on a free drag-n-drop web host. In fact YouTube is loaded with tutorials about “Building a Website in Under 5 Minutes”. But how much value could you possibly publish in just 5 half-hearted minutes? Not much!

Unfortunately five minutes can actually exceed the amount of effort many small business owners expect to put into their site. The Internet is crammed with abandoned web sites that have never accomplished anything because most people started out wanting miracles while investing very little effort.

Building a successful online presence is certainly going to be a challenge. But putting in the time and effort will all be worth it! And, if done correctly, it can result in a nice increase in long-term business.

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