Get Your Business Noticed Online

You’ve completed the Getting Online phase and your site is all organized, filled with content and ready for visitors. Now, wouldn’t it be great if people just automatically found your website and you had instant swarms of traffic? Although possible, it’s not likely. Instead it’s time to buckle down and actually get the word out.

But Wait!

It’s easy to fall into a trap of thinking you just need traffic. But what you really need is the right kind of traffic. In fact, trying to get just any ole visitor will most likely be a complete waste of time and cost loads of money. Below, are the key components to getting traffic to your website.

Targeting and Keywords

The most important step before getting the word out is to make sure all of your efforts and money are focused on attracting the right audience. It is a huge and fatal mistake to assume you know where your audience hangs out and how they are searching.

On-Page Optimization

Once you’ve identified your target audience and the keywords they are using, it’s time to optimize your site around those phrases. This is the SEO you’ve heard so much about.

Off-Site Marketing

Believe it or not, off-site projects will take up the majority of your time and effort. This includes things like search engine marketing (SEM), blogs, Web 2.0 properties, podcasts, videos and social media. We will also reach them through various forms of advertising.

Visitor Analytics

If you’re putting in the money, time and effort into your website you absolutely must be able to see what’s happening…in real time. Skipping analytics is how people (even experts) lose their shirts. They don’t bother to track or adjust their efforts.

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