Getting Your Business Online

Our first Category is Getting Online. It’s what’s required to get a small business website started and off the ground.

Just about anyone can slap a website together on a free drag-n-drop web host. In fact YouTube is loaded with tutorials about “Building a Website in Under 5 Minutes”. But how much value could you possibly publish in just five half-hearted minutes? Not much!

Unfortunately, five minutes can actually exceed the amount of effort many small business owners expect to put into their site. The Internet is crammed with abandoned web sites that have never accomplished anything because most people started out wanting miracles while investing very little.

To do this properly, there are some steps that we need to follow. And fair warning, it’s probably going to take longer than five minutes.

The first thing we need is a Domain Name. That’ll be the address of our website. It will also be the address for our email. We don’t want to be using free email accounts or email addresses from our home Internet provider for our business emails. Branding is key here.

Then once we have our domain name, we need hosting to house our website and those email accounts.

Our hosting account is where were going to be putting a content management system and a layout or theme, which will be our design. That part sounds complicated. But this is where we’re going to suggest using WordPress. WordPress has both the content management system and layout all in one solution. We’ll definitely walk through that step by step.

Last but certainly not least in the Getting Online category, we need contentThere are few different types of content, and each type is used for different purposes. For instance, our core content; that is all the information about our company and its products and services. And then we have puller content which is search engine optimized to reach a target audience. And then we have pusher content which is used on other sites and links back and pushes our audience back to our website

And that summarizes the components that we’ll need in the Getting Online phase.

And to be honest, in all of the steps, most people will arrive here, no problem. And then…they just stop and expect miracles. And unfortunately miracles rarely ever happened to new websites. But putting in the time and effort will all be worth it! And, if done correctly, it can result in a nice increase in long-term business.

Below are the components necessary in the Getting Online phase. Do you have them all in place?

This is at the core of your online identity. It’s almost as important as your company name in that it will help brand you as well as give your online presence an established image.

Now that you have your domain name it’s time to find a hosting company to provide a reliable home for your site.

There are many different types and purposes. Here you will discover that content goes way beyond just posting a few brochure-style pages.

Contrary to popular belief the design, although important, is not the most important aspect of your site. Unfortunately the design process is where many will get stuck and give up. We’ll give you some strategies that can fast forward your layout to completion.

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