The Impact Of Mobile Technology on Small Business

Mobile technology has become much more common in recent years and is gaining momentum. It seems that tablets and smart phones are taking over almost every part of our daily lives. In fact, in 2015 Google said that there are more searches being done using mobile devices than on desktop computers!

As business owners it’s important that we keep tabs, not only on where technology is, but also on where it’s going. And by all indications that direction is definitely more mobile.

The Speed of Development

They say that the speed at which technology is being developed is doubling every 2 1/2 years. And if you look back in time just a few short years, you will see that we have come a very long way. One can only imagine the advancements that will be made in the next few years and how much those changes will impact our lives.

Wearable Technology

If you’ve been in any big box store recently, you’ve probably seen all of the wearable tech. The shelves are full of everything from fitness trackers and watches to hi-tech clothing. These devices will keep track of your mood, your diet and your health. And not just for you, they can monitor your pets too! They can also control things throughout your home; the temperature, lighting and security. Wearable technology gives us the ability to communicate with other devices, appliances, vehicles and a lot more.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of things is the ability for off-line devices to speak to other applications or a main server over the Internet. For instance, your refrigerator can monitor the shelves and then notify a mobile application, alerting you to the things that are running low and need to be ordered. And that same refrigerator, which would normally be considered an off-line appliance, can communicate with the manufacturer and keep itself updated and maintained.

Mobile Banking

If you bank in the U.S., your banking information is most likely available through a mobile-based app. You can access your account and manage things like transfers, current balance, investments and even make payments.


Being able to purchase things through mobile applications is becoming pretty common. It’s always been popular with gamers. They’ve been able to buy add-ons, bonuses and upgrades to their games for some time.

But now we’re able to purchase a lot of other offline things, making life so much easier and spontaneous.
By adding our credit and debit cards to payment apps in our phones, they are taking the place of our billfolds. We are able to make payments simply by choosing the method and then tapping or waving our mobile device at checkout.

Buying movie or other event tickets on the road is a snap. If we’re hungry we can find a discount deal using our phone right from a participating restaurant’s parking lot.

We can pay a friend or even buy items at a garage sale right on the spot…without cash!


Previously we have only been able to access our office applications on a desktop computer. Now we are able to run these apps on our mobile devices accessing spreadsheets, email and other documents. That frees us from being chained to our desks, allowing us to be more productive on the road.

Our phones and tablets have become a huge part of our everyday lives. We can transact, use social media, maintain productivity with office applications, and manage bank and investment accounts all while in a hotel room or at the beach.
So keeping in mind the upward trend of mobile, it’s important as business owners that we develop our marketing strategies around those devices. It’s key that we stay informed and that our online strategies are up-to-date and always accessible to our clients.

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