Let’s Get Engaged!

Lets Get Engaged

One very important place where business owners miss the mark is in the engagement process.

A simple test to see if your aim needs an alignment is to compare the marketing email you send out to the pain in the butt emails you HATE to receive. Are they similar? Of course not! Your message contains IMPORTANT details about your product or service! The others are just marketing junk mail. Right? 🙂

I’m not one to hurt anybody’s feelings…much. But you can be pretty sure that your target prospect doesn’t think as highly about your marketing communication as you do. They aren’t thinking about your product or service and most likely aren’t nearly that excited about what it can do for them either.
The mistake is to assume that your audience is just like you…thinking like you, obsessing about your company like you, love the same websites as you, hate the same websites as you, use the same operating system as you and work like you on exactly the same schedule.

No. They’ve got many other things they feel are much more important on their mind. And finding out what those things are is where and how you engage them.

As painful as it is for most of your competition (THAT’S GREAT NEWS) you first need to care about them (OH NO!) and then get to know them (SERIOUSLY?!). And it’s very hard to do that from their trash folder.

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