Off-Site Marketing Strategies

Once you have your website all optimized and ready for visitors, it’s time to get those search engine spiders to start crawling your new content.

But in order to get those spiders’ attention you first need to get out there and start posting content and engaging your target audience where they hang out.

These are called off-site strategies and done correctly consistently are probably the most important thing you can do to get your website site ranked.

Off-Site Marketing Strategies:

Social Media – People work with those that they know like and trust. Get to know as many people as possible using sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more. Don’t just hammer them with promotional blab. Be real and warm so you can build genuine relationships with your target audience.

Video – Posting videos related to your product or service is one of the best ways to get full multimedia exposure. You can make your videos around your keywords and syndicate them among many sharing sites.

Article and Blog Posts – The written word is what the search engine spiders eat. So you need plenty keyword targeted food out there. Article marketing has gotten a bad rap, mostly because of abuse. But syndicating your information among directories, your own blog and your colleagues blogs will give you excellent exposure.

Link Building – All of the methods above are already providing you with one of the top ranking tools available. Incoming contextual links. Links from other websites are considered votes for your on-site content. The more valuable votes you have, the higher you will rank for your keywords.

Pinging – This is sort of like ringing a bell. Pinging your web page or post tells those services that there are updates on your site and to notify the search engine spiders to come on out.

Social Bookmarking – These sites are meant to be used to share content with like minded folks. But they are also used to get your links out there so the spiders find them. And, of course, it gets abused. Does it still work? Whether or not you’ll get ranking benefits is in question, but it is still beneficial to have one more path to your content.

That is a birds-eye view of how off-site website marketing strategies work. There are techniques to using each one of them to their fullest potential. But one of the keys is to do this continuously and consistently.

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