Should I hire a Graphic Designer?

Web Designer

There are some obvious benefits to using a designer for your website or other projects. However, not every little button, web page or banner actually requires one.

Did you know that a lot of times you can get awesome design pieces that have already been completed at template or stock graphics websites?
Some of the benefits of using stock graphics over hiring a designer are :

Speed – Usually just a simple download will give you graphic in hand (or on hard drive) instead of waiting to be fit into a designer’s schedule.

No Hiring Process – If you don’t already have a designer under contract or on staff, the hiring (even firing) process can be a royal pain in the butt. And sometimes it can take forever.

Lower Cost – The cost for most templates or stock graphics is much less than paying design fees for each element. Sometimes you can even get them for free!

Many More Options – One designer usually means one design style. Stock image and template sites, on the other hand, provide you with a repository of creatives from several different types of designers.

Out of the box stock graphics won’t give you the detailed personal touch of a warm bodied designer. Even pre-designed graphics can require some handy design work to fit seamlessly into your project. But, the time and cost associated with tweaking a graphic as opposed to developing them from scratch can be a lot less.

We’ve provided a few of the sites we use below, but definitely keep a list of stock graphics and template sites to have on hand. Delaying a project because of cost or schedule can keep you from moving forward in your business which, in the long run, can be much more costly.

Some of the sites we use for quick quality graphics and layouts:

Stock xChng – – Free Stock Photos.

123RF – – Royalty free photos and graphics.

ThemeForest – – Professional, yet highly customizable pre-Designed WordPress Themes

TemplateMonster – – Templates for just about every website, content manager and shopping cart out there.

BoxedArt – – This site has a membership but gives you all-you-can-eat access to their graphics buffet.

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