Start Blogging to Promote Your Business

Business Blogging

If you are selling a product or service you will definitely need to think about marketing. There is simply no way around it. And sometimes the marketing of your business can be even more involved and take up more time than doing the actual money making parts.

One quick and relatively easy way to promote your business online is to set up a blog. This article will give you some tips on how to build your blog and use it to market your small or home-based business.

Establish Authority

When you start blogging it’s important that you establish yourself as an authority right away. And because people will be relying on your expertise, you must provide information that is both valuable and accurate. If you aren’t sure of something, don’t make assumptions. Instead, take the time to research the topic before posting it publicly to a blog post.

Since you will be immersing yourself in the subject and doing a lot of the research, you can probably see how important it is that you are both knowledgeable and passionate about what you are writing about.

Set Your Tone and Voice

The overall tone and voice of your blog is very important. Be personal with your audience, but not too personal. For example, add some things about you and your personality, but don’t use the platform to rant about other people, issues and struggles that have nothing to do with your readers. A blog that is kept on the lite side, with a little humor and fun is easy to read and digest.

Schedule Your Posts Consistently and Frequently

Posting to your blog frequently is important. But, if you aren’t able to write a post every day it’s probably best to at least aim for 2 to 3 times but no less than once per week. But even more important than frequency is consistency. Your visitors will grow to expect updates on a regular schedule and you don’t want to disappoint them. Instead you want to encourage their repeat visits and have them come back on a regular schedule.

What time of day you post can also be important. By using a visitor tracking system like Google Analytics, you will be able to see exactly when you get most of your traffic. And if you are using WordPress, you can use the scheduling feature to roll out your posts automatically during those peak times.

Avoid Constant Pitching and Selling

You don’t want to use your blog to constantly pitch and advertise. There is a fine line between promoting your business, and irritating your readers. How do you feel about visiting websites that only provide promotional material in their blog? Would you return very often? Of course not. Nobody wants that. Instead write helpful content to guide your reader, answering their questions in a non-threatening manner. And since you are using your blog to promote your business, it doesn’t hurt where applicable to mention and steer them to products or services that could help them or solve a problem.

Check For Errors

After completing your article, you will want to read through it aloud and carefully check it for a nice flow of information as well as spelling and grammar errors. You don’t want to have your article ruined or not taken seriously because of something as simple as spelling or grammar mistakes, or because it was too hard to read.

Encourage Sharing

Once you have checked and posted your quality article, you will want your visitors to not only read it, but share it. Sharing is a big part of promoting your website. This is also another reason to write and post content that your readers find valuable and helpful instead of pitching and advertising. By providing helpful content for your visitors, they are more likely to share your posts with their friends and followers.

You will want to make that sharing as easily done as possible. By using a blogging platform like WordPress, you can very easily add all sorts of social sharing tools for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google.

There are also other capabilities built right into WordPress that will automatically broadcast and promote your new posts through pinging and RSS feeds.

With much of the promotion of your posts and articles being done automatically behind the scenes, and even with the help of your readers and fans, you can see that adding a blog to your marketing routine can be a very valuable addition.

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