Frequently Asked Questions

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a people-friendly way of addressing Internet connected computers and devices. In its technical form, computers use hard to remember numeric addresses called IP addresses. Domain names make it easier to reach those computers by remembering words instead of numbers.

Do I need to register a domain name to have a website?

It depends on the type and purpose of your site. For your main company site, I would most definitely register a domain name and keep ownership of the files and content related to it. Registering a domain name for your business makes it easy for people to find and remember your website and email addresses. This is very important for building out your online brand.

However, for your smaller sites such as promoters, hubs or social media profiles domain names are not as important or necessary.

Where can I look up a domain name to see who it’s registered to?

You can view domain name records by using a “whois” lookup tool. Most domain name registrars provide this tool, or you can also visit

What does web hosting mean?

Web hosting is designated disk space on a specially configured server to store and deliver your website content to your visitors. Because of the importance of your site’s availability, speed and security, server management should be left to a reliable hosting provider.

Is it necessary to hire a professional website designer?

Not necessarily. There are plenty of options available for building a website without hiring a professional. One of the most common options is to install WordPress on your hosting account. You can then easily use one of the multitude of Theme designs available to you. Using WordPress also allows you to make regular updates to your site with ease.

How Much to Host a Website a Month?

How do I use keywords when optimizing content on my website?

Keywords or phrases should be strategically placed in what the search engines deem to be important areas of your web page’s content. One of the most important areas is in the title tag of your header. It’s also important to use your phrases in the header tags, the page URL, the body content and even the alt tags of images.

Why is it important to have links to my website from other sites?

One of the many factors Google uses to determine a web page’s popularity is “page rank”. And it has been determined that “page rank” is positively impacted by incoming links to that page from other sites. It’s also important to note that the more popular the linking page, the more weight a link will carry in impacting your rank.

How can I turn a visitor to my website into a customer?

Unfortunately, the majority of your first time website visitors are researching and are not ready to make a transaction. So it is very important to offer them something that they simply cannot refuse. This is called a lead capture. Once you have their information you can continue to contact them, building a trusting relationship and nurturing them into a purchase decision. In doing so, it is also very important to not pitch at them constantly which could destroy the relationship and your efforts in the process.

The great news is that most of your competition is too lazy to go through all of the effort of building those “pesky trusting relationships”. Instead, they are looking for quick buck one-hit wonders, which is a very short term strategy.

How can I use the Internet to keep in touch with my customers?

We are fortunate to be doing business in these days, where we have many ways to stay in contact with our prospects and customer base in near real time. You can do this with a bi-weekly newsletter, updates on your Twitter or Facebook feed, videos on YouTube and blog posts with important news. These can also be connected together so your audience can choose their preferred method of delivery.