Tools We Recommend

Disclosure: We are an online service provider that reviews and recommends suitable products and services for our visitors and clients. In return for referring clients to many of the resources below we may receive compensation. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

1ShoppingCart – Get everything you need for your ecommerce store in one place. Open Your Online Store in Minutes. Try It FREE for 30 Days! image 2244564 111347771ShoppingCart provides a full suite of tools for your ecommerce store. You will have everything to build, market and track your online business in one location. Give it a try for free.


99Designs – Over 900,000 designers are waiting to help. Start a Project now at – the #1 Marketplace for Crowdsourced Graphic Designimage 2244564 10792365. They have a community of just under 1 million designers that will go to work and create a special design for you including websites, logos and other projects. You’ll get to pick the designer and the design and you won’t pay until you are happy. Watch the video to see how this unique process works.

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AWeber – Email marketing and autoresponder service AWeber – We use AWeber for list buidling, which is one of the most important aspects of marketing your business online. Their analytics will tell you important information related to your campaigns, such as delivery success rate and open rate. You can get started with their trial for just $1.

Dropbox – Cloud file storage and synchronization – If you need to access files from different locations and/or across different devices, Dropbox is the answer. It is a simple solution with a familiar folder based system. Create folders, add files, even share those folders with other users.

Evernote – Keep all of your notes in sync – We use Evernote to keep all of our notes, snapshots and webclips organized and in one place.[/toggle]

GoDaddy – We recommend all of your domain names be registered here.
It’s Not a Typo! Get $1.49 .COM Domains at GoDaddy!image 2244564 10730504 They provide a lot of different web services, but we recommend them for the domain name registration part of your web presence. We use them ourselves and have been happy with them year after year.

It’s Not a Typo! Get $1.49 .COM Domains at GoDaddy!

Hostgator – Web hosting where your first month is just a penny.
Hostgator – We have been with Hostgator for many years and run several servers and a multitude of websites there. We highly recommend them for hosting everything from small sites to larger websites that require dedicated servers.
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LastPass – Password Manager – We create a TON of accounts which means a LOT of separate logins. In the past you have probably used the same passwords at each site, which is extremely dangerous. To protect ourselves, we want to use completely random and different passwords for every account.

But won’t that be a pain in the butt, trying to remember and keep track of all those different passwords? If could be. But that is why we will use a password vault, like LastPass

When you create a LastPass account you will have one password, or better yet a long passphrase (like a line to a song, verse or poem) to remember – that will allow you into your vault which stores all of your other very crazy and difficult to hack passwords to ALL of the sites and accounts that you access in your life.

LastPass has a free service, and will sync itself to any computer browser that you have it installed on, and logged into. If you’re away from your computer, you can also access your password vault via their website. BUT —- you can ALSO install and use the LastPass APP on your phone and tablet, so your entire connected world will stay sync’d. To be able to use the mobile APP version you’ll need the Premium account, which is only $12/year.