Video Marketing for Business

Video Marketing

Internet Video for marketing small businesses has been a growing trend for quite a while now. And with its growing popularity you will want to familiarize yourself with the concept so you can take full advantage of this marketing channel. But to do that, let’s first clear up some of the misconceptions.

Videos don’t have to be Crazy

When the topic of Internet video comes up in casual conversation many times the first thing that comes to mind are talking animals or skateboard stunts gone bad. Although these can be very popular, they are most likely not the types of videos that will generate the most value for your business.

Internet Marketing Videos don’t have to go Viral to be Successful

Another misconception is that in order to be worthwhile, you need to come up with crazy ideas that will make your videos go viral…and if they don’t go viral you have failed. That is simply not true.

In fact, the word viral and its use in the same context as “business success” sets the bar so high and defeats so many business owners before they even get their camera out.

Business Marketing Videos don’t have to be Studio Quality

It’s important to point out that yes, poor quality videos can be distracting to your audience and a complete waste of time. So take your time to make sure your audio is clear and free of inner mouth and throat goo noises, the picture is steady and in focus and the content flows well and makes sense.

But just like the viral standard above, obsessing over making your videos perfect can also keep you from moving forward at all.

Having no video posted can be worse than a well made content-packed video recorded in your living room chair with a dog at your feet.

Videos don’t have to be Recorded with High-Dollar Equipment

There are many who will try to convince you to buy the best camera with the best microphone and mixing board. Yes, if compared side by side, studio quality equipment will most often yield better looking video and audio. But unless you are in and trying to prove your competence in the video production niche, rarely will your videos be compared side-by-side for quality of picture or audio.

I would probably stay away from recording your business videos on your cell phone, but there are cameras that produce very nice HD quality video for under $200. To edit your videos, you can even use free software from Microsoft Live and many others that are freely available.

As a business owner, your real goal should be to make marketing videos for your business that speak to your target audience. Answer their questions, solve their problems, and engage them to build a relationship and their trust in your brand. You can accomplish that much easier than you think.

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