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What has your website done for you lately?

Not Much? It's time to figure out why!
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We work closely with small and medium-sized businesses all across the United States, helping them start, manage and grow their online presence.

You can’t be expected to know every little thing that is required to build a successful Internet marketing strategy. That’s why we are here to help guide you along the way.

We’ve been working with business owners like you for over 20 years. We understand your needs and the challenges of doing business online. It’s our top priority.

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Online Marketing can be broken down into 12 components in three main categories.

If you don’t have everything in place your results will suffer.

Getting Online

This is one of the most common pieces to complete when building out your online presence. But this is also where most will stop.

Getting Noticed

It would be great if people automatically found your business and you had instant swarms of traffic. Although it is possible, it’s not likely.

Doing Business

This is one of the most important steps, but surprisingly it’s quite often misunderstood or even ignored.

There is a HUGE Difference Between having a Beautiful Website and Actually Doing Business.

Most Internet service providers will emphasize what they do best. For instance, if they are website designers, they’ll emphasize the importance of design, content writers – content, search engine optimizers – SEO etc., etc.

But, you could have a beautiful website that puts da Vinci to shame. Your pages may be loaded with content written more beautifully than anything from Shakespeare. You could be perfectly perched at the number one spot of every major search engine. Even with all of that, you could still be failing miserably…and broke.

Only a handful of hired Internet-related companies even know how to focus on the real objective. A lot of them didn’t even get started themselves until just a few years ago. Many of them are desperately trying to figure out how to drum up business for themselves!

We know what it takes to actually do business online. We want to make sure that you do too!

 Always Put the Emphasis on Actually Doing Business!

I have had Gary doing our internet, email, website and social media now for over 15 years. Never once has he not responded right away. And I have had to make some calls when on the road at odd hours. As a small manufacturing business and wearing 20 different hats during the day, it is very refreshing to know that I have the best there is taking care of what I absolutely know the least about when it comes to running my business. The search terms we try and capture. The audience searching these terms. We are number 1 and not paying for this rating either. He is amazing. I told him the other day, he is on a short list of business partners I deal with on a regular basis that I never worry about what he is doing or second guess his decisions. We were very fortunate to have met him so many years ago!!!

Kirk D


I have been working with Gary for over 2 years, He has really helped me fine tune my online marketing and webpage. His knowledge and experience are incredible and he has helped me initiate programs and ideas I could never have accomplished on my own. Gary gives me much needed honest feedback and perspective in developing and maintaining our goals and business plans. I recommend Gary to anyone who needs help growing and maintaining their online business sales and website.

Jim W


Gary has been my web guy for years. He has been with me through the ups and downs and always has some great words of advice. His knowledge of how to build a website and reach the market once you have your website up and running is invaluable. I could say a lot more, but talk with him about your Website concerns and see what he has to say.

Dave S