About Online Biz Direct

Online Biz Direct is a digital marketing agency founded in Colorado over 22 years ago and has specialized in helping small to medium-sized businesses actually do business online.

Gary Sorensen, the founder of Online Biz Direct, is a die-hard Internet geek. He’s been deeply involved in the Internet since the late ’80s and the web since 1994. He was involved in search engine marketing before Google was even a thing.

Gary has built a team network and has worked together with them in many categories of business from eCommerce and financial service providers to builders and contractors.

There have been a lot of Internet marketing companies that have come and gone. There have also been many ideas and strategies that have popped up through the years. Some have worked and are still around. Others, not so much.

In 2010 Online Biz Direct decided to shift focus from being a provider of Internet related services to instead showing business owners what they need to know so they can hire only the best or do it themselves.

We are here to show you how to leverage the ideas and strategies that have survived the test of time in order to achieve your ultimate goal…Actually Doing Business online.

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