About Online Biz Direct

Online Biz Direct was founded over 20 years ago and has specialized in helping small to medium sized businesses actually do business online.

Why Emphasize Actually Doing Business?

Most Internet service companies will put the emphasis on what they do best. For instance, if they are website designers, they’ll emphasize the importance of design, content writers – content, search engine optimizers – SEO etc. etc.

Always Put the Emphasis on Actually Doing Business

You could have a beautiful website that puts da Vinci to shame. Your pages may be loaded with content written more beautifully than anything from Shakespeare. And you could be perfectly perched at the number one spot of every major search engine. All of that and you could still be failing miserably…and broke.

There is a HUGE Difference Between having a Beautiful Website and Actually Doing Business

Only a very small portion of hired Internet related companies even know how to focus on that real goal. A lot of them didn’t even get started themselves until just a few years ago.

GaryGary Sorensen, the founder of Online Biz Direct, is a die-hard Internet geek. He’s been deeply involved in the Internet since the late 80’s and the web since 1994. There have been hot-shots come and hot-shots go. Some ideas and strategies have worked and are still around. Others were just hype.

In 2010 Online Biz Direct decided to shift focus from being a provider of website related services to instead showing business owners what they need to know in order to do it themselves.

Learn how to leverage the ideas and strategies that have survived the test of time in order to achieve your goal…Actually Doing Business online.

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